Nepal Academy of Science and Technology (NAST) is an autonomous apex body of science and technology in Nepal under the leadership of Rt. Honorable Prime Minister as Chancellor. Keeping in view the indispensable role of science and technology in overall development of the country, NAST is dedicated for promoting science and technology for over three and half decades. During this period, NAST has deeply realized that maximizing the utilization of science and technology in all sectors is attainable only through the exchange of knowledge, ideas and collaborations among scientists, experts and researchers.

With the main objective of enhancing collective effort for the development of science and technology, NAST has initiated a program - Nepali Researcher Identity (NRI) - for Nepali people living in Nepal and abroad as diaspora. NAST firmly believes that this objective can be achieved by developing and maintaining database of scientists, experts and researchers working at different parts of world through collaboration and exchange programs, which ultimately will support socio-economic transformation and overall wellbeing of the country.

In the given backdrop, scientists, researchers and experts who are working in Nepal or abroad are humbly requested to join the program (NRI) by uploading their professional details as part of the first stage of developing database. NAST will fully maintain confidentiality and privacy of all information provided for this purpose and welcomes suggestions to broaden the initiative.